Both large or small games may be created using our system. We estimate our system could be played satisfactorily with as few as 18 or as many as 120 (or possibly more) players, with staff scaled as well. The game we bring to MegaCon is typically built for 100, and usually runs with about 80 players and a staff of 12. Troubleshooter, High Programmer, and Internal Security character classes are all available to players. A large variety of weapons are available for purchase at HQ. There is generally a complex storyline, and a theatrical finale.

Rather than overwhelm you, we will discuss a Basic Paranoia LARP. Later we will provide optional add-ons you can use to create larger and/or more complex games.

The example game will be built for 40 players, with a staff of five. There will be one HQ, four Service Group stations, and four Secret Societies. The run time will be four hours. Only the Troubleshooter character class will be available to players, with an option for players to create their own characters. Troubleshooters will operate in five teams of eight players each.

Table of Contents


Proposed topics/contents

-Commies, Mutants, and traitors
-Easily understood character sheets
-A chromatic security clearence based societal rank system
-A simple skills system
-Laser pistols and reflec armor
-Combat resolution that does not require a G-D and can easily scale from two to ten players simultaneously
-Mutant powers
-A mechanism where if a player is killed he can pick up a new clone after visiting HQ
-Plasticred based economy with weapons and items sold at HQ
-Troubleshooter teams with Team Leaders
-Clear mission structure
-High Programmers issuing missions
-A system wherein a High Programmer can promote or demote a Troubleshooter's security clearence based on real or imagined performance
-A method for HPs to issue Termination Vouchers and bounties
-Secret Society alliegences and a means by which a player may benefit from interacting with his SecSoc
-The real or implied threat of Friend Computer, Internal Security, and Sector OUTDOORS
-Some method for determining winners
-Rules/laws appendix

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