Paranoia Larp is a massivly multiplayer offline roleplay game based in the Paranoia Universe. It uses a GM-less combat system... (blah blah blah)

The game was designed by a group of friends from Orlando and Gainesville. It has been run 9 years to great response at Megacon in Orlando. The current edition of Paranoia the tabletop RPG is published by Mongoose Publishing. Our game is based off a mix of editions. what makes our game so unique is that unlike many LARPs, our game is designed to be fast, fun, and require little to no GM interference. In fact, we don't even have GMs in the traditional sense, a point upon which I will elaborate more later. Our design philosophy really looks more towards video games such as World of Warcraft, or GTA3. Where players are allowed to roam an open ended "sandbox" play environment, choosing when and how they will accomplish quests as well as what type of sidequests and other activities they will participate in.